Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy week...

Just doing revisions on my board right now, so I had the morning to fire these off. First, the scene is for Bruce right after Jim disappears, before he wakes out of the dream he's having. (I might change Bruce's pose here. It doesn't silhouette well.) The last is just another study of Jim.


Anonymous said...

I know you want to change Bruce's pose here, but I have to say - I utterly love it. The fact that you can only see Alfred and not Bruce's face, but you still get the whole picture just by the way Batman is standing. Totally dejected and hopeless. Adore it.

*rrrrr* Wanna see more :-)


PS: Alright, I've spammed you enough for one day now.

Christine Cunningham said...

Haha! I love that you take the time to leave comments! Its really nice to hear feedback.

I did end up keeping the drawing mostly as it is, I just moved the mask from in front of him, to hanging from one hand at his side.

I wish I could've found room for more Alfred in this story. I just love his character.

I've been thinking about doing a prequel (I know, crazy, because I haven't even finished what I've already got started). It would be a 5 times thing with different villains, showing how Bruce and Jim get closer over the years. Starting with the first hint of attraction, to flirting, to affection, then a first kiss (drug induced by Ivy's poisons), to UST/angst when they decide to leave it be. ... It just takes so long to write, thumbnail, do the page layouts, then clean it up. So... 2013? :D