Friday, December 21, 2012

Survive and thrive!

 Page 2 and 3! And now, off to visit the folks for a week!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I survived!

And now I am on holiday and was finally able to spend a whole day NOT at my cintiq! And not sick! (Two colds in one month? Plus crazy busy with work? Suck-fest.) Today I spent the whole day in my kitchen doing Christmas baking, so the apartment smells great! And to prevent myself from eating the entire lot, I will be taking the lion's share to the studio for all the nerds and artists. :)

I've been having a great time diving into my new favourite ships, which has lately included a brief but bright love affair with James Bond/Q. But! I always return to my first love, Bruce/Jim. And just to prove that I haven't lost my will to finish my Batman Beyond comic, here is the first page. ... of 37. Actually, I changed up the ending, so I think it's 38 pages now. When will it really be done? Who knows! Not soon! I said I wouldn't just post it a page at a time, but if it's gonna take this long, I might as well.

Anyway, a very happy holidays to everyone and all the very best for a bright and shiny 2013!