Friday, June 15, 2012

Rough Storyboard Comic #5


Anonymous said...

Best thing to wake up to EVER. I am so glad this ran away with you, as it is all fantastic! And yes, I include the really rough parts in that too.

There was so much to love in this, but I'd like to list some of my favourite parts:

- GCPD family. I do love them, and it makes me very happy when they're included as more than background.
- Hero!Jim preparing for action. He's made up his mind to go in alone even before Montoya finishes talking.
- That first shot panning in on Batman on the floor. I'm not exaggerating when I say it made my breath catch a bit.
- Jim saves the day with a propane cannister. Very quick thinking.
- Alfred wearing scrubs and bowtie. Because that's endearingly Alfred.
- Jim comforting Bruce on the trolley. Wonderful.
- Bruce trying to use the BatGlare. Hee hee! And when that doesn't work he resorts to big eyes and pouting adorably.*g*
- Alfred gleefully out-manoeuvring the boys. Again, because it's perfectly Alfred.
- Tie-grabbing!Bruce. I have a thing about tie-grabbing, so an extra 'hooray' for it being included.

That turned out to be a pretty long list, for which I am not sorry at all. Thanks for making my morning! :D

Christine Cunningham said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :DD

Tie grabbing and kissing is my fav combo, as well!

I'm with you on the GCPD family - I try to put them in whenever I can. I'm not sure how much depth they have in the comic universe, but there have been a lot of fanfic writers who have made Renee, Stephens and Bullock really live for me.

Jestana said...

Hee! Read this twice already! I love it. The whole story is believable and it shows how much Bruce trusts Jim that he didn't boot him out of the Batmobile before turning on the autopilot. :D *applauds* Wonderful work and I'm glad it ran away with you, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments - this is really great and totally made my morning!

Thank you very much for letting it run away with you and for including a wonderfully in-character Alfred and the lovely GCPD-family.

And of course, the Bruce+Jim-love is adorable and h/c and all-about-the-trust - just the way I love the most.

Thank you for sharing!


Christine Cunningham said...

I'm happy you guys liked it! I had a blast coming up with story.
Thanks so much for making the suggestion!