Thursday, May 3, 2012

New app + insomnia

Playing with new Sketchbook Pro. Finally sleepy... must post...before...sleep...


Anonymous said...

Aww, I love h/c.

So, are you enjoying your new SketchbookPro? I'm thinking about getting me one of those...

Btw, I read yesterday in an article that Grant Morrison (one of the Batman comic authors) outed his Batman as gay. This makes my Batman/Gordon-obsession even sweeter :-))

Enough rambling for now. :-)


Christine Cunningham said...

Thanks! I've been re-watching the 'Rises' movie trailers, so the scene seemed appropriate. :)

I *love* the 2011 Sketchbook Pro. (And the crazy fast shipping was worth the extra cash). I stayed up so late playing with it. The only thing it's missing are hotkeys for the brush and eraser.

Its fun to know that Morrison's Batman is gay! I sort of think of Bruce as bisexual, myself. And Jim Gordon is irresistibly awesome in my brain, so, of course Bat's wants him. *^_^*